19th February (By Bharat Kanjaria)

It was the most exciting day in our training so far. it started half an hour earlier than routine. after a good breakfast, Dr Nic Masters has gave us a very useful information in class on restraining of wild animal by using drugs by darting them.

After that our class was divided in four group for practical. Each group has assigned different task by rotation in front of queen’s corner. our group has got first task of knowing the Remote delivery system equipment operation, maintenance, making dart, precaution while handling the equipment and drugs etc which was very well demonstrated by Dr Pradeep malik sir.

Then we went to our next task of RDS practice which was very nicely taken care by Dr nic masters. First we practised blowpipe, then tel inject gun by different distances on the targets. Really it was a very very useful exercise and we enjoyed a lot.

Then it was a break for lunch. After a delicious lunch we again came back to queen’s, corner for our next task at 2.00 pm

Now it was a topic of planning before going to field for actual capturing of wild animals. The topic was very interestingly and practically explained to us by Dr Parag Nigam sir.

Then we learn very important aspect of medical emergencies arises while capturing wild animals and how to overcome to it, what instrument usage etc was deeply explained by Dr Neil Anderson.

In the evening we has a fantastic presentation on human-wildlife conflict management by CCF Dr Bhardwaj of jodhpur circle and then we celebrate the marriage anniversary of our colleague Dr Dhyani

And it was really a memorable day